About Ditto Family Resale

Our Story

Ditto is here to both serve and bless. The story began February 2011, when seven Christian schools sought to make Christian education accessible for all who desire it. Modeled and named after two successful stores of a similar-business model, Ditto Upscale Resale was established to:

  • Provide member schools with an additional revenue source to offset rising tuition costs.
  • Assist families who could not otherwise afford a Christian education.
  • Support educational needs within the community.

Ninety percent of retained earnings fund the two tuition remission programs. Ten percent goes back to local causes, as a way to further bless and serve our community.

Member Schools

Ditto's member schools represent a geographically wide and economically diverse population. From our largest sister school at 930 students, to our smallest at 19; what unites our families is a desire for education, rooted in Biblical truth.

  • Central Christian School, Clayton (Age 3 - 6th Grade)
  • Covenant Christian School, Town & Country (Age 3 - 6th Grade)
  • Kirk of the Hills Christian Day School, Creve Coeur (Age 3 - 6th Grade)
  • Promise Christian Academy, Chesterfield (Students with special needs)
  • South City Community School, St. Louis City (Age 3 - 4th Grade)
  • Twin Oaks Christian School, Twin Oaks (Age 3 - 8th Grade)
  • Westminster Christian Academy, Town & Country (7th - 12th Grade)

What is Ditto? Take a look and see!

Member Schools